Żebbuġ (Gozo)

Żebbuġ Gozo, is not to be confused with Żebbuġ Malta (same name different localities).  Żebbuġ, Gozo is situated on a quiet hill in the north of Gozo with breathtaking views of the Gozitan countryside and the Mediterranean sea.  Whilst walking through the streets of Żebbuġ you can admire some beautiful shrines, which are perfectly maintained.  This village has a reputation for producing skilled traditional craftsmen.  Żebbuġ became an independent parish back in 1688 and the building of the present church started in 1690.  The natives of Żebbuġ are known for the high quality of the lace (bizzilla), weaving (nsig) and sheep’s wool blankets (kutri tas-suf).  This is mainly due to the fact, that the surrounding countryside is ideal for shepherds.  The milk from their sheep, produce some of Gozo’s finest gbejniet (traditional little cheeses).  Nearby bays are Marsalforn, Qbajjar and Xwejni.

Hear are some kindergartens located in the area:

Zebbug Gozo

Gozo College Zebbug Primary School

Żebbuġ, Gozo Primary school is a government school and currently hosts 63 students and 17 members of staff.  It is an open plan school and the ground is surfaced with turf.  The school has its own gym and one of the classrooms is dedicated for the local council’s library.

Address: St Andrew Street Żebbuġ ZBB 1025

Tel: +356 2598 8740

Email: [email protected]