Sliema is a coastal town located on the northeast of Malta.  In the last decade Sliema has seen a radical transformation.  Sliema used to home elegant villas, town houses and many Victorian buildings that were built by the British along the promenade overlook the rocky coastline.  Sliema became the first tourist resort in Malta and this brought with it the complete change of landscapes.  Nowadays, very few of those Victorian buildings and town houses remain standing, as now the majority of Sliema is apartments.  Sliema has developed more into a commercial center with many coffee shops, restaurants and shopping malls.  The promenade offers long walks or runs and spectacular open sea views.

Here are some kindergartens located in the area:

Newark Nursery and Kindergarten

Newark Nursery and Kindergarten is a preschool and childcare centre founded in 2010. Staff are dedicated to helping children prepare for new experiences ahead of them. The centre’s mission is to instill a love for life and self-confidence in every child to always be able to follow their life compass.

Address: Newark Nursery and Kindergarten, Parisio Street, Sliema, SLM 2423

Number: +356 2131 3121 // +356 9944 1862

E-mail: [email protected]


St. Clara College, Sliema Primary School

Sliema Primary school forms part of St. Clara College.  It is one of the oldest schools in Malta.  The school is home to 450 students from over 35 different countries.  This mix of cultures and nationalities, gives students the opportunity to learn not only the academic subjects but also how to live peacefully and in harmony with different cultures, traditions, languages and religions.  The School has embarked into a pilot project whereby they offer a new system of teaching Maltese to their foreign students.  The school also has an Automated External Defibillator (AED).
Address: Blache Huber Street, Sliema
Tel: + 356 21317505 / 21317510

St Dorothy’s School

St Dorothy’s School is a girls only Church School and entry is by ballot.  The foundress of the Sisters of St. Dorothy is Paola Frassinetti, who was born in Genoa on 3rd March 1809.  Paola Frassinetti, had first contact with Malta through the family of Dr. Pasquale Mifsud and his wife, who has sent their daughters to the Dorothean school at Sant’Onofrio in Rome.  When one of their four daughters fell ill, it was recommended an immediate return to her native air.  The family was distressed, and Sr Paola sent two sisters to Malta to remain with the daughter.  Later 3 sisters arrived to Malta in May 1911 and Mons Alfredo Mifsud prepared Palazzo Mangion for  them in Mdina, until later transfered their Convent to Casa Mifsud.  Later they moved to Bastions Street, adjacent to the Cathedral which was re-decorated to house the School’s increasing intake.  Nowadays, they have two Junior Schools one in Sliema and the other in Zebbug and a Senior School in Zebbug as well.  Even nowadays, the St.Dorothy’s school follow the vision of St.Paola Frassinetti by giving special attention to the poorest, those whom she called, “the images of God without a frame“.  Uniforms can be purchased from InDesign.

Address: St. Dorothy’s School De Piro Street Sliema SLM 2035

Email: [email protected]


St Angela Kindergarten School

St Angela school is a Church School and entry is by ballot.  St Angela Kindergartens have 5 schools situated in Rabat, Lija, Sliema, Msida and Zabbar.  The school provides its young students with a holistic educational experience.  Their committment to addressing the academic, social, physical, psychological and spirituals needs is done without distinction of ability, socio ecomonmic status and race.  The school doors open at 0815hrs – 0845hrs for drop off and again at 1320hrs – 1330hrs for pick up.  School uniform can be purchased from InDesign.

Address: St Angela Kindergarten School, Karm Galea Street Sliema SLM 1934

Tel:  +356 7907 5736


St Joseph Junior School 

St Joseph Junior School is a girls Church school and entry is by ballot. The School welcomes girls between the ages of 4 and 11 years.  Once they finish Grade 6 they automatically move to the Senior School.  The school currently host approximately 340 girls.  The school is at the forefront to make sure their students develop their full potential, whether spiritual, emotional, creative or physical.  The School motto is ‘Believe and Achieve‘.  At St. Joseph Junior School participation by parents is highly encouraged.

Address: St Joseph Junior School Cathedral Street Sliema

Tel: +356 2133 0235

Email: [email protected]