San Lawrenz (Gozo)

San Lawrenz, Gozo is a traditional village on the western side of Gozo.  It is surrounded by 3 hills, Ta` Għammar, Ta` Gelmus and Ta` Dbiegi.  Despite the presence of a 5-star hotel, San Lawrenz has still managed to retain its traditional, rural lifestyle.  San Lawrenz used to form part of Għarb, however San Lawrenz wanted its own church and to be a separate community.  The village feast is celebrated during the first week of August.

Here are some kindergartens located in the area:

Gozo College, San Lawrenz Primary School

The San Lawrenz Primary School is also known as The Friendly School.  Surrounded by countryside and extensive grounds, this school has the ideal learning setup.  The small classrooms allow each student to have individual attention, thus allowing more room for success.  Being in a small village, the school’s main focus is to express a sense of Family-based community in all it’s students and staff members.  The Friendly School is not just friendly to its members but also to the outside community.  The School has won the LEAF award (May 2017) and the Green Flag award (May 2017).

Address: Our Lady of Sorrows Street, San Lawrenz

Tel: +356 2598 8590

Email: [email protected]