Nadur (Gozo)

This traditional village is located on the easternmost hill of Gozo and due to its location it serves fabulous views over the land and the sea.  With a population of appoximately 4,000 people, Nadur is one of largest localities in Gozo.  It is not sure when the first inhabitants settled in Nadur, however large flat stones were found in a field between San Blas Bay and Dahlet Qorrot, and is believed to have been roof structures for temples.  Nadur played a vital part in the defense of Gozo.  In Nadur one can find various towers that have been built during the time of the Knights.  In the proximity of Nadur one can find San Blas and Dahlet Qorrot bays, these are tiny rocky bays with spectacular view.

Here are some kindergartens located in the area:

Gozo College Nadur Primary 

This schools seeks the holistic development of every student by helping each child reach their full potential by promoting high quality education and developing a sense of community among all staff, students and parents.this school offers education from Kindergarten level to Year 6 level.

Address: Gozo College Nadur Primary School, Racecourse Street, Nadur NDR 9013 Gozo

Telephone Number: +356 21551655 (head office)  / +356 21563967 (clerk office)

Email: [email protected] 

Facebook Page:


St Francis School

St Francis School is a Church School and entry is by ballot.  At the forefront of the teaching at St Francis School is to create a learning environment that nurtures honesty, respect and co-operation.  The School guides their students to achieve their full potential of their knowledge, skill and competence.   It helps build responsible behavior patterns that are responsible.  At this School they accepts students from Kinder 1 up to Year 6.

Address: St Francis School, 31, Madre Gemma Camilleri Street Nadur (Gozo)

Tel: +356 21556650

Email: [email protected]