Victoria/Rabat (Gozo)

Located in Gozo, Victoria,also known as Rabat, is the capital city of Gozo. This town is situated on a hill near the center of the island.  The old city, known as the Cittadella, is situated on top of the hill.  The town has a population of around 7,000 people, making it the most populated in Gozo.  The center of Rabat is Independence square, however it is also known as it-Tokk.  The square is a daily open-market that sells souvenirs and a number of coffee shops surround the area.  The Grand Basilica is dedicated to St George.  Throughout the years, the main street of Rabat has increased its commercial activity, with a few shopping arcades, coffee shops, theatre and band clubs.

Here are some kindergartens located in the area:

Laura Vicuna Kindergarten 

This school has a goal to make a real difference in children’s lives by making them feel they are a  part of the school group. This involves them making new friends and playing cooperatively with one another while also gaining the confidence with other adults outside their own home. This kindergarten wants to give the opportunity to your children to learn through play in an environment that is inspired by the teaching methods of St.John Bosco. At this school they are introduced to pre-Maths, pre-Writing and pre-Reading while also having an array of art and craft activities of high creative content  to express your child’s creativity. 


Address: 20, Triq ir-Repubblica, Victoria, Gozo

Telephone Number: +(356) 21559449 

Email: [email protected]


Gozo College, Rabat Primary School

The Rabat Primary school is also known as The Happy School and one of the 11 primary state schools found in Gozo.  It is home to 380 students between the age of 3 years and 11 years.  The Happy School has 25 class rooms, the administrative offices, a well-equipped library, two playgrounds and a workshop.  The Happy School provides a holistic education to all students.  The priority is the well being of the students, with happiness being a key factor rather than the exam results.  The vision of the school is to create a community that is committed to create a happy, warm and friendly environment.

Address: Varjinga Street, Rabat

Tel: +356 2598 8650

Email: [email protected]


Bishop Conservatory Primary School

The Bishop’s Conservatory Primary School is a Church School and entrance is by ballot.  This school has approximately 200 students, of which there are 4 kindergarten classes and 6 primary ones.    At the Bishop Conservatory Primary School they strive to develop each child’s potential in a healthy, friendly and pleasing atmosphere.  Teachers instill the joy of learning to their students.  Upon completing Grade 6, male students will continue their studies at the Minor Seminary whilst female students will move to the Bishop’s Conservatory Secondary School.

Address: Bishop Conservatory Primary School Archbishop P. Pace Street Rabat (Gozo) VCT2503

Tel: +356 21556 506 / 21550 008

Email: [email protected]

St Francis School

St Francis School is a Church school and entry is by ballot.  At the forefront of the teaching at St Francis School is to create a learning environment that nurtures honesty, respect and co-operation.  The School’s missions is: “We nourish a commitment of integral growth by focusing on Christian values, and on the student’s intellectual, social, moral, physical and spiritual development“.    The School not only guides their students to achieve their potential of knowledge, skills and competence but also to build behavior patterns that are responsible, and contributing members of society.  At this School they accepts students from Kinder 1 up to Year 6.

Address: St Francis School, Triq il-Palma, Victoria Gozo

Tel: +356  2756 2264

Email: [email protected]