Located in the central region of Malta, Birkirkara is the second most populous of the island, with approximately 25,775 inhabitants in an area of 2.7square km. In Birkirkara one can find a memory of Malta’s railway past.  The Railway station has been recently restored and the public garden surrounding the station is open to the general public.  The parish church is dedicated to St. Helen and the Basilica is renowed for having the largest bell in Malta.  Birkirkara in recent years has grown to become also a commercial area, with the main street being composed mainly of clothing stores, showrooms, offices and coffee shops.

Here are some kindergartens found in the area:

St Theresa College Primary School Birkirkara

The Birkirkara primary school dates back to June 1842.  The original school was one of the dwellings of Cavalier Censu Borg (Brared) but with the increasing demand for children to attend school, new premises had to be found.  In 1926, the new school was built and still serves as a school today.  It is built on two storeys and was nearly finished by 1930.  However, during the second world war the school served as a hospital.  Another storey was built later, and has been refurbished throughout the years to reflect further educational practices.  At Birkirkara Primary school they commit to work together to ensure the highest level of teaching and give a holistic education to all their students irrespective of gender, creed and ability.  The school hosts students from the age of 3 years up to 11 years.

Address: St Theresa College Birkirkara Primary School Brared Str Birkirkara
Tel: +356 2598 5540

Email: [email protected]

Casa Maria Montessori 

Providing childcare and kinder education, this preschool provides experiments and activities to help the child develop and access his creativity and intelligence. This is done by use of activities such as card making, planting,  learning different types of flowers and many more.   The nursery hosts children from the age of 12 months – 36 months and kindergarten hosts children from the age of 3 years – 5 years.

Address: 128, Naxxar Road Birkirkara

Telephone Number: 21442043

Email: [email protected] 

Facebook Page:



St. Francis School Birkirkara

This school welcomes boys and girls from the age of three until the age or eleven. It caters for children of different learning abilities within the same class, hence it is a mixed ability school. This gives opportunities to the children to succeed no matter what their learning needs are. St Francis is a church school where admission is through a ballot system.

Address:16, Imnajjar Street Birkirkara

Telephone Number: 21442205