Located in the northern region of the island, Mellieha is a well known village due to its tourist attractions. It is popular for its sandy beaches and natural environment.  Mellieha hosts some beautiful hotel, good restaurants and traditional souvenir shops.  The population increases drastically during the summer months, as many Maltese have their summer residence in Mellieha.  Throughout the years, Mellieha has also become popular with foreigners who decided to relocate to Malta.  The village feast, “Il-Vitorja” is celebrated on the 8th September, however during the week preceding the feast, the village is full of activities such as musical concerts, fireworks, food stands, exhibitions and religious processions.

Here are some kindergartens located in Mellieha.

Maria Regina College Primary School

This school provides education for children from the age of three to eleven years old. They offer a relevant curriculum with a focus on the care and nurture for each student. They aim to provide an effective educational environment where every student can receive experiences that help the students develop their full potential in order to become a successful citizen.   The school strives to make learning a fun experience but at the same time have high expectations from their students.  The school values the qualities of tolerance, courtesy and hard work in the daily life of the school.  At the Mellieha Primary School  they have at heart the partnership between school, home and the community; they believe that together can provide the best for each child.

Address: Maria Regina College Mellieha Primary, New Mill Street, Mellieha, Malta

Telephone Number: +356 21523527

Email: m[email protected] 

Facebook Page: