This small town is located in the central region of Malta. Pietà is located in the outskirts of Valletta.  The locality of Pieta` used to house the former Maltese national hospital, St. Luke’s.  The Parish Church is dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima and is run by the Dominican Order.  An important historical building found in Pieta` is ‘Villa Gwardamangia’, which served as the residence of Princess Elizabeth of Great Britian (later Queen Elizabeth II) during her stay in Malta between 1949 and 1951.

Here are some kindergartens located in the area:


St Gorg Preca College – Pietà Primary

Consisting of many schools located around Malta, this primary school that is located in Pietà is a school shows the diverse yet wholesome nature that is found in this college. They aim to give the best education to their students in order to help their students grow and develop a love for learning. 

Address: Alley 2 Marina Street Pietà

Telephone Number: 25987229 / 25987220

Email: [email protected] 

Website: https://sgpcpietaprimary.wordpress.com