This fortified city is also known as the Silent City with the locals and the tourists. Located in the northern region of Malta, Mdina is one of the touristic places found in Malta.  Mdina’s population is of around 250 people who live within the city walls.  Outside the city walls one can find the village of Rabat with a population of over 11,000 people.  The medieval town features a mix of Norman and Baroque architecture.  One can find many palaces which nowadays have converted into private homes or restaurants.  On the main square one can find the Cathedral of the Conversion of St Paul.

Due to the size of Mdina, there are no kindergarten school, however we have listed below are some of the kindergarten schools which are close to the Mdina area. 


St. Nicholas College Dingli Primary School

This school believes that each child child is a reflection of God. They aim to develop all children to their utmost potential while also with the interaction between school and home, they aim to foster care, tolerance and moral attitudes in their community. They offer classes starting from Kindergarten to Year 6 level.

Address: 118, Main Street Dingli

Telephone Number: 21454496 / 21456247

Email: http://[email protected]/ 



St Cecilia’s Kindergarten 

Located in a central area of Malta, this school is housed in a large detached villa with its own large forecourt and garden situated in  a quiet side road. The school has spacious and airy rooms that are all found on the ground floor and are surrounded by the garden for the children to have a place to enjoy their playtime. The kindergarten curriculum is based on Arts.Crafts and Music and with an emphasis placed on the Creative Arts. 

Address: Aquaruis P P Rubens Street Attard 

Telephone Number: 21435120

Email: [email protected] 

Facebook Page:



Attard Primary St Nicholas College

In this kindergarten, children learn how to create things from different objects, for example learning how to bake, learning how to build and many more things. Play is more than just important for the development of the child’s creativity so they allow children to play do they develop better creative ideas. Free painting is also provided in their classes. This allows the child to experiment and try using brushes and colours to suit their own imagination. 

Address: Hal Warda Street, Attard

Telephone Number:  21435104

Email: [email protected]



Thi Lakin School

Founded in 1970, this school is a nursery, kindergarten and primary school. This school provides a happy environment for the children where the child’s interest is always at heart. They are well disciplined and educated in the best way possible and they ensure that your child is happy and enjoying his or her time in kindergarten.

Address: 15 Zebbug Road, Attard

Telephone Number: 21436371

Email: [email protected] 

Facebook Page: