Situated in the southern region of Malta, Luqa is only 4.3 km from the capital of Malta.  This locality is in the proximity of the Malta International Airport.  The parish church is dedicated to St. Andrew and the feast is celebrated on the first Sunday of July, however the liturgical feast is on 30th November.  Ħal Luqa was home to a famous clock maker and inventor Michelangelo Sapiano (1826 – 1912).  The clock in the belfry of the Parish Church is one of his many works.  The house where he used to live is located in Pawlu Magri Street.

Here are some of the kindergarten centers found in this area.

St. Ignatius College Luqa Primary School

This school offers education from the kindergarten stage(3-4 years old) up till the 11+ national benchmark exam. It’s their mission to provide their students with all the skills they will need to achieve a holistic education. Their aim is to help their students to develop to their fullest potential while ensuring that they are happy and living challenging lives. They also aim to provide their students with the security necessary to enable full development intellectually,physically,emotionally and spiritually. 

Address: St Andrew Street, Luqa LQA 03, Malta

Telephone Number: 25987540

Email: [email protected]