Kirkop is situated in the southern region of Malta, in the proximity of the Malta International Airport.  The original village name was Casal Prokopju.  There are various theories about the origins of the village name, some claim to be from a family name whilst others believe it is from Sicilian origins.  The village motto is “Parva non Iners” which means “Small but not empty”.  At Kirkop they celebrate the feast of Saint Leonard and Saint Joseph.  During both feats, the village is transformed by artistic decorations and festive dress rich in traditional fireworks and band marches.  The feast of St Joseph is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in July, whilst the feast of St. Leonard is celebrated on the first Sunday following the feast of St. Mary (celebrated on the 15th August).

Here are kindergarten schools found in Kirkop.

St Benedict College, Kirkop Primary School

St Benedict College, Kirkop Primary School is located in the centre of Kirkop. It hosts 120 pupils from kindergarten to year 6. The school consists of a library and a large hall that is used for school activities as well as formal and cultural events. The school often works hand-in-hand with the local council, situated just next door, to the benefit of the pupils and the community in general. It also consists of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in case of emergencies.

Address: St Benedict Street, Ħal Kirkop, KKP 1243

Number: +356 2164 7131 // +356 2164 7237

E-mail: [email protected]