This town is situated in the south eastern region of Malta.  Marsa is situated on the Marsa Creek which includes the Grand Harbour, which the town is based on.  A new port was constructed in the 1860s under the rule of the British Empire.  A town was meant to be built at the site under the name Albert Town, named after Prince Albert and by 1890 the town had a population of over 600 people, but the idea was later abandoned.  A new town at the site emerged in the 20th century, taking the name Marsa after the creek.  In July 2009 a plan to regenerate the harbour area was announced.

Here are some of the kindergarten centers found in this village.

Theresa Nuzzo School Kindergarten & Primary

This school aims to enhance the academic,social,physical,moral and spiritual dimension of every student with the help of their parents and all the staff present at this school.this school is run by the daughters of the Sacred Heart therefore the atmosphere found in this school is a friendly and accepting one. They cater to both boys and  girls from the ages of three until the age of eleven, making them teach from Kindergarten level to Year 6 level.

Address: Theresa Nuzzo School, Balbi Street, Marsa MSR 1816, Malta

Telephone Number: (+356) 21240393

Mobile Number: (+356) 79240391 (school hours only)

Email: [email protected] 

Facebook Page: